Past Events 2022

December – Christmas Lunch

On 14 December twenty-four members and partners gathered at The Cliffe Cocktail Bar and Kitchen in Folkestone for a very enjoyable Christmas Lunch. Crackers were pulled and hats were worn.

There was a contented hum as we enjoyed our lunch and chatted with friends.

The Christmas Raffle was drawn and Elisa Croucher and Gill Chapman were thanked for organising event. Julie Andrews was presented with a beautiful Poinsettia for her work as President during the past year.

October- Autumn Soup Lunch

On a very mild October day 32 members and guests arrived at the Lads’ club at 12 noon. They sat around 2 long tables to enjoy a soup, bread and cheese lunch followed by a mug of tea or coffee.

The soup was an old favourite, leek and potato. The recipe can be found on this website by clicking here.

Our thanks go to Elisa and her team of soup makers for organising this very pleasant social meeting.

August – Fish, Chips and Prosecco on Hythe Beach

16 members enjoyed their fish and chips washed down with Prosecco or apple juice on Hythe beach on Friday 12th August. We sat out in full sun (with plenty of sun tan lotion applied) , luckily with a strong cooling breeze – such a contrast from last year’s weather! A good time was had by all. Our thanks go to Daphne and Elisa for organising the food and refreshments.

Summer Outing to Godinton House and Gardens 28 July

21 members travelled by car to Godinton House where they were given an excellent private tour of the house, followed by time to stroll around the gardens before having a delicious cream tea. Many thanks to Romany Cowans who organised this very enjoyable afternoon out for all of us.

Platinum Jubilee Tea Party 10 June

32 Castle Green members attended to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The Lads’ club looked very festive with Mary Wheatley’s red white and blue garland , tables set out with union flags, on our red and white gingham clothes with matching red napkins. Valerie Humphries created a very special arrangement for the Presidents table ..

We listened to a very interesting illustrated talk by Clive Nuttman about the island of Madagascar. Then tea with sandwiches, sausage rolls, followed by both small and large cakes were served by our hard working hostesses. We toasted the Queen with a glass of Prosecco and sang the National anthem. Finally tickets were drawn and raffle prizes collected.

EKF ACM 16th March 2022

Several of our members, including our President and Treasurer attended this annual event at the Leas Cliff Hall in Folkestone. Our delegate Biddy Fraser not only voted on Castle Green’s behalf, but took notes to give her report at the April Monthly meeting.

In the morning when the business part of the meeting was conducted, with annual reports and the financial statements. Next we heard a very interesting presentation on the work being planned and conducted at the Parkinson’s Centre for Integrated Therapy at the University of Kent in Canterbury. We learnt that conventional drug therapies have limited effects and non-drug therapies are in high demand, but are not always available. The planned Centre will provide various therapies, social and otherwise, give advice and information, neuro – stimulation, education, volunteering opportunities, training and research studies. They still have £500,000 left to raise to get the centre up and running for the first 2 years.

One of their researchers gave us an over view of her work. She is looking at the effects of vestibular stimulation on individuals with Parkinson’s. This stimulation has been seen to relieve symptoms for six months even after stopping the treatment. The research being carried out is looking at how this treatment produces these effects.

After a break for lunch and a chance to look around the display stalls it was announced Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe had been released. Everyone in the hall applauded. Quite something to hear! A very moving moment.

After that, Helen Sharman gave a marvellous talk about her flight into space. She is a superb speaker and was well worth listening to.