Knit and Natter Group

After February’s talk on the ‘Therapeutic Benefits of Knitting’ we were inspired both to make some group blankets to donate to charity and to start a new Knit and Natter group.

Gill Chapman and Jackie Vickerman are the joint leaders.

The group usually meet on the 3rd Thursday afternoon of each month starting at 2pm.

If you wish to attend and have not come to the a meeting yet then please use the website contact form to tell us.

For the group blankets it was decided to make 6 inch squares with DK yarn and using 4mm knitting needles. Stitch choice and colour were left up to the knitter.

Update: Gill Chapman has now delivered 35 blankets made by members of the entire membership to local Care and Nursing Homes around Hythe.

This Autumn the group have been busy knitting Christmas Tree decorations for the 2 trees we entered in the Saltwood Christmas Tree Festival.

The group’s last project was making Twiddle muffs for Dementia patients to use. They often get restless and need to do something with their hands.

You can use any sort of wool and crochet or knit them. Once you have completed a rectangle approx 12-14 inches long and 11-13 inches wide you can add all sorts of embellishments. The idea is to sew on as many bits and pieces which can be pulled and played with. Therefore, they need to be sewn on securely. This can be buttons, beads, fluffy bits etc. Short zips are a good idea, as they can be opened and closed. So are little pockets inside and outside. They are also good to keep a hanky etc in. This one looks a little’ girly’, so we may also have to look to make some more masculine looking ones. So look out for any sort of wool bits and we will start at our next session.

The twiddle muffs made by Castle Green members that are now on the way to local care homes for residents to enjoy.

Their next project will be making some Platinum Jubilee corgis. These will be placed around Saltwood for children to find. The knitting pattern can be found on page 43 of the March edition of WI Life.

On the left is the first one knitted by Gill Roffey.

Some examples of the groups other projects are shown in the gallery below.

83 baby bonnets knitted by Castle Green members are being taken to Ashford hospital Maternity unit as our Christmas donation.

A recent meeting when members were knitting articles to be sent out to Ukraine.

Our members are busy knitting jumpers for new born babies in Africa. When born the babies are wrapped up in newspaper as the mothers have no clothes for them as they are poor. These babies are called fish and chip
babies as we used to have our chips wrapped in newspaper years ago.

Next meeting TBA