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Friday July 9th

We are planning our first physical meeting since the start of the pandemic. This will be to be held on July 9th, our usual monthly meeting day, starting at 10am at Saltwood church.

Weather permitting the meeting will be held outside with members’ lock down hobbies and activities laid out in the church for members to see. We also be providing refreshments of cold juices and homemade cupcakes.

Now is the time to start thinking what you will bring to add to the display. What has kept you keep busy and entertained during the past year ? Perhaps you have been pursuing an established hobby or have learnt a new skill ? Maybe you have read a good book, completed a jigsaw puzzle, created a flower arrangement, made some cards, painted or drawn, knitted or crocheted, sewn or embroidered, experimented with your cooking, or taken some photos on a good walk or out in your garden ? The list is endless, use your imaginations.

Please all try to bring at least one item to add to our display – but do feel free to bring as many or as few items as you wish.

Above all remember this isn’t a ‘competition’ simply a celebration of what we have all been doing to try and keep ourselves happy and sane!

Fish and Chips on the Beach Friday August 13th

For our meeting in August we are planning to meet up on Hythe beach to sample the seaside delights of fish and chips from a local chippy, accompanied by a glass of Prosecco.

The walking group have now ‘surveyed’ the seafront and have the ideal place in mind with all requirements considered from ease of access to the beach, parking, seating and even toilets in mind.

Watch this space for further details.