September 2023

On a very hot September morning President Julie Andrews welcomed thirty-nine members and four guests to The Lads’ Club. Marjorie Mitchell was thanked for the flower arrangement and coffee hostesses Frances Banks and Lyn Jenkinson were also thanked. Apologies from 13 members unable to attend were accepted. The record of the July meeting was approved and signed.

Mary Hunter has stepped down as Secretary and was thanked by Julie for taking over at short notice and for her work as Secretary.

Kay Hygate had been sent these photos from Ukraine of the villagers of Mykolaiv who had received our donations.

Elisa displayed around 100 baby bonnets knitted by our members that will now be taken to the William Harvey Hospital

Daphne gave us the balance of our account. She admitted that she had a problem agreeing the finances for the Fish and Chips on the beach event. Somebody hadn’t paid. Eventually she tracked down the non-payer, it was…………. herself!!!!!! This revelation caused much laughter.

After coffee and cake and catching up with friends after the summer break Julie introduced our speaker Helen Kendall-Tobias who had brought fifty scarves with her to demonstrate the many ways to tie them.

Helen started by saying that she never gave the talk in July and August because of the heat! What followed was a lively and interesting demonstration of the different ways to tie and fold scarves of all shapes and sizes.

Members were able to try their hands at emulating Helen with varying degrees of success. Luckily Helen had a small leaflet for every member so we can practice at home.

Gill Roffey gave the vote of thanks.