September 2020

President Margaret Alcock welcomed 25 members to Castle Green’s fourth Zoom meeting.

Jean and Stan Foord were congratulated on their wedding anniversary and Julie and Richard Andrews were congratulated on the birth of their new grandson.

In the absence of Secretary Daphne Gazeley, Christine Burgoyne read the minutes of the July meeting which were approved and signed.

Treasurer Lynda Daly gave a short financial report.

Julie Andrews reminded members to keep sending articles and photos to the Blog. It is a great way for us to keep in touch with each other.

Then came yet another first for Castle Green WI when the President welcomed Melanie Gibson-Barton back, albeit in quite different circumstances to her usual visits, with an illustrated talk entitled “Eva Braun…. Victim or Contriver?”.

Melanie described Eva’s early life and how she first met Hitler when she was working in a photography studio/shop aged 17. We were told of how Eva was hidden away from public view until the very last months of the war. There were many excellent photographs of Eva and Hitler and the other “main players” in their lives. As usual this was an excellent presentation from Melanie and was also thought provoking.

The vote of thanks was given by Marjorie Mitchell.