October 2019

11th October Monthly Report.

Vice – President Margaret Alcock, welcomed 48 members (the same number as last year) to the 45th Annual Meeting. The committee for the coming year was introduced to the members and we are pleased to welcome 2 new members to the committee.

Our ‘new’ President and ‘old’ Secretary coordinating so well with a lovely floral display created by Jackie Vickerman.

The treasurer, Lynda Daly presented the Financial Statement which was proposed, seconded and accepted by the members. Kay Hygate thanked Lynda for her work of the past year.

Daphne Gazeley, Secretary presented the committee’s Annual Report and Margaret Alcock read out Kate Dilks’s President Report (Kate was on a course at Denman College).

The vice-president then proposed the adoption of the committee’s Annual Report which accepted by the members. As Kate Dilks had retired from being President it was necessary to elect a new one. Nominations were collected and Margaret Alcock agreed to be President for 1 year.

Kay Hygate gave a vote of thanks to the committee for their work of the past year which was heartily endorsed by the members.

After a coffee break, we moved onto the business of the ordinary meeting.

We learnt that Kate Dilks, Daphne Gazeley, Marjorie Mitchell, Lynda Daly, Barbara Thorburn and Margaret Alcock had competed in the East Kent Federation Top Team Quiz in Canterbury and come joint 8th out of 21 teams with 67 points out of 80. Well done to them !

Members were reminded that our Christmas Lunch will be on December 3rd at Lympne Castle. All cheques and menu choices must be paid and made by the November meeting. Click here for full details of this event.