November 2021

Castle Green’s new President Julie Andrews welcomed 42 members and 6 visitors to the November meeting held in the Lads’ Club. Apologies were accepted and Valerie Humphries was thanked for the flower arrangement on the President’s table.

The record of the October meeting was signed. Gill Chapman reported that a total of 35 knitted blankets had been given to Nursing homes and Care Homes in Hythe and Saltwood and were much appreciated.

Christmas Tree Festival. There was a wonderful display of decorations for the Christmas tree which had been made by members. In fact, there are so many that maybe we will have 2 trees in the festival.

There was also a splendid array of wooden spoon fairies and by secret ballot the fairies made by Kay Hygate and new member Maggie Richards were chosen to go on the top of our trees.

Green will also be running the refreshments in the Lads’ Club on Saturday December 4th between 2pm and 4pm. Members were asked to volunteer for cake making and helping on the day.

Coffee time was heralded by the good news that until April 2022 coffee and refreshments will be free!!

After enjoying coffee and biscuits and catching up with friends old and new, we welcomed Veronica King whose talk was entitled ‘Experiences of a PI’.

Firstly, Veronica told us how she had got into being a Private Investigator and some of the tricks of the trade. Wigs, reversible coats and jackets, reversible bags, and a non-descript car. Never a white car.

What followed was an amusing and entertaining talk with many tales and anecdotes of her career including the correct way to deliver court summonses and papers.

Castle Green’s poppy wreath laid on the Saltwood War Memorial during the service on Sunday 14th by our President.