November 2020

President Margaret Alcock welcomed 25 members to the November meeting held on Zoom. As usual at Zoom meetings there was a time for everyone to say hello before the start of the meeting.

Apologies were accepted from those unable to attend and some new members to Zoom were welcomed.

The record of the last meeting was read, approved and signed. Members were pleased to learn that Gill Roffey had been co-opted on to the committee.

On behalf of the members the President had laid a wreath at the War Memorial in Saltwood on Remembrance Sunday. Click here to see the photos on the Blog.

Lynda Daly gave the details of our financial position and Julie Andrews reported on the website and the Blog. Several members had already “attended” some of the talks from Denman College and found them easy to access and very interesting. Click here to go to the links page on this website where you will find the link to the Denman College talks. Barbara Thorburn said that there are also free craft tutorials available online.

After a short break for coffee and a general chat, Margaret welcomed the speaker Mike Brook. By the wonders of modern technology Mike was speaking from his home in Thatcham, Berkshire.

The theme was ‘A Christmas Miscellany’ and Mike entertained us with readings of poetry, prose and anecdotes related to Christmas. Mike revealed that he had written pantomimes for Am Dram groups he had been involved with and said that he never got the lead role even though his wife was the director. Normally during this talk Mike would ask for volunteers for a short-potted panto, but thought it would not be possible on Zoom, so he acted all the characters in Cinderella. There was a brief bit of audience participation when on cue we all shouted “hooray”.

Annelies Brice gave the vote of thanks.