November 2019

8th November Monthly Report.

President, Margaret Alcock, welcomed 54 members and 3 guests to the November meeting held in the Lads’ Club. The record of the October meeting was approved and signed. Coffee hostesses Hilary Kirkby, Patricia Robinson and Gill Chapman were thanked as was Mandy Elson for her very apt flower arrangement.

The President was delighted (and relieved) to tell the members that husbands Roy Chapman and Roger Treadway were joining Chris Hygate to set up and put away the tables and chairs for us at each meeting. At the October meeting it had been suggested that, as we now get on average 50+ members to our meetings, that members bring their own mugs for coffee so as to ease the washing up situation. Margaret reminded members that this was NOT compulsory (but helpful) and that coffee would still be served as usual for those members without a mug or cup.

Next Margaret presented bouquets to Hilary Kirkby who collects the East Kent News from the Federation office each month and Diane Trice who runs the raffle every month. Julie Andrews was presented with bottles of wine for the work she does to keep our website up to date and to thank her husband for his ad-hoc technical support.

After a very welcome coffee break, Christmas came early to Castle Green when we welcomed George Taylor and his “assistant” Peter Clayton with an audio/ visual talk entitled ‘Music and the meaning of Christmas’. George started with the Roman festival of Saturnalia which included seven days of feasting, then went on to the Druids who introduced Mistletoe into the festivities and the Celts who gave us the Yule Log tradition.

At this point we were divided into 2 groups to sing, with actions and much laughter, the Twelve Days of Christmas. From where I was sitting, we all manged to come together for “5 gold rings”!

Christmas as we know it really took off in Victorian times when Prince Albert introduced the Christmas Tree into England, Charles Dickens wrote ‘A Christmas Carol’and with the advent of the 1d post, Christmas cards became fashionable. This was an enjoyable and interesting talk.

Jeanne Doorne gave the vote of thanks.

Kay Hygate won the competition with a spectacular exhibit of Guy Fawkes sitting on a “lighted” bonfire! (He wasn’t hurt).

Remembrance Sunday.

On Sunday 10th Saltwood held its annual Remembrance Service at the War Memorial on the Green where Castle Green WI was represented by our President who laid a wreath