May 2021

Vice President, Barbara Thorburn, welcomed 24 members to the May meeting, held via Zoom.

After the business part of the meeting was concluded, Julie Andrews gave an informative slide presentation about this year’s NFWIs Resolution which is ‘To raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer’. It is important to be aware of the symptoms ovarian cancer which can be difficult to diagnose and potentially life threatening. In fact last year over 4000 lives in the UK were lost to this type of cancer. The majority being in the post menopausal age group, but younger women can also be affected.

Most women do not recognise the early the symptoms of ovarian cancer and the aim of the resolution is to raise awareness and to urge women to seek medical advice if they suspect that there might be a problem. A lively discussion followed and members felt that more should be done locally to raise this issue. A sub committee was formed of 5 members to discuss practical ideas on how to promote awareness in our local area. We thank them and look forward to hearing their proposals.

After this thought provoking session, a much needed coffee break was taken. May being our birthday month, it was suggested that a slice of cake could accompany our chosen beverage!!!

After the break, three of our ex Presidents gave us talks on their memories of their time in office. Tales of trips to London, where some members got lost, but fortunately were found eventually, a tea party when all ladies had to wear hats and the fun had when a pantomime was performed by the committee. Of course there were ups and downs, but all three talked of the support and friendship offered at Castle Green by members that had helped them during difficult times .

All agreed that being a President had been fun and encouraged members to come forward when a new president will be chosen this October.

Daphne Gazeley gave the vote of thanks.