May 2019

10th May Monthly Report.

The May meeting means an early start for the members of the committee as it is our Birthday Breakfast before the “real” meeting, but all was ready when Vice President Margaret Alcock welcomed and invited 43 members to start breakfast. Not a Full English but a delicious selection of cereals, melon, cheese, ham and croissants. More members joined us for coffee and then, after ringing the presidential bell, the Vice-President started the meeting.

Following on from a suggestion that members could make name badges so that we know who we are talking to, those who had done so were asked to stand up and received a round of applause. Hopefully there will be more badges next month!

Attention was drawn to Federation events listed in the East Kent News.

The Lunch Club will meet at the Taste of Kathmandu restaurant in Hythe on Wednesday 26th June at 12.30pm. Please note change of date. Click here for further details.

The next item on the agenda was to discuss and vote on the two resolutions for the NFWI Annual Meeting in Bournemouth in June. Romany Cowans presented “A call against the decline in local bus services”. After hearing the pros and cons there was some discussion, the vote in favour was unanimous.

Kay Hygate presented “Don’t fear the smear” and again after some discussion the vote in favour was unanimous. In both cases our delegate, Patricia Robinson, was given discretion to change the vote in the event of anything changing on the day.

There were only two entries for the limerick competition. Both Barbara Thorburn and Kay Hygate’s entries were equally well received so Margaret Alcock declared the result to be a draw.

For details of our next meeting please click here.