March 2022

Our President Julie Andrews welcomed twenty-nine members and three guests to the March meeting. Marjorie Mitchell was thanked for the flower arrangement as were tea hostesses Kay Hygate and Margaret Wilson.

The record of the February meeting was read, approved, and signed. East Kent Federation had informed all WI’s of changes to the dates of Annual Meetings. In future our annual meeting will be held in February not October.

The Treasurer Daphne Gazeley presented the budget for the forthcoming year and explained it in detail. There were no questions, and the budget was approved by a show of hands. The good news is that refreshments for the coming year will be free to members.

Advance notice. To celebrate the Queens’ Platinum Jubilee Castle Green will be having an afternoon tea party on Friday June 10th. The meeting will start at 1pm. Click here to read more details .

Romany Cowans gave details of an outing to Godinton House and Gardens on July 28th. Click here to read more details.

All business having been dealt with Julie introduced Josie Chisholm who led a felt picture making workshop. Josie started by explaining the art of feltwork and showed us the unspun merino wool that we would be using.

The first stage was laying tufts of the wool vertically over a paper template covered with bubble wrap (no popping allowed!). Next, using a different colour, tufts were placed horizontally and then a third layer was laid horizontally using as many colours as necessary, designing our chosen picture. Having patted everything down we sprayed a solution of water and washing -up liquid onto the picture, covered it up with bubble wrap, sprayed water onto it and started rolling and pummelling with the palms of our hands to produce felt. This process took 30 minutes. The moment of truth came when Josie told us to wring out the work to see if it held together and was felted. The final process was washing the work in hot then cold water and wringing it out again. The finished pictures were laid on a table and made a wonderful display.

Everyone enjoyed the workshop and heartily endorsed Barbara Buckie’s vote of thanks.