June 2021

Castle Green WI met on June 11th on Zoom with 23 members being welcomed by Barbara Thorburn. The meeting was chaired jointly by Vice Presidents Marjorie Mitchell and Barbara Thorburn on behalf of Margaret Alcock.

After the minutes and financial reports were approved, Julie Andrews gave an update on the Blog and Website which continues to provide up to date information on all EKF news and events and about our groups and forthcoming meetings.

An update was given on the progress by the sub committee which is investigating the raising of awareness of the symptoms of Ovarian cancer locally. Some progress has been made but the work is still ongoing.

Biddy Fraser attended the 99th EKF Annual Conference held via Zoom, as our delegate and she gave a full account about this meeting. She said how impressed she had been with the good organisation and as new member of WI she had learned a lot about the work done by WI’s both nationally and locally.

Mary Hunter and Julie both gave information about the next meeting which will be held in Saltwood Church in July by kind permission of the Rector. Members are asked to bring any items which helped them keep busy through Lockdown and a small display will be created. More details will follow later.

During the welcome coffee break, members chatted and caught up with friends.

There then followed a talk by our speaker Sheila Caulfield on ‘Decluttering Your Wardrobe With Joy’, a subject that many feel is a daunting task, so her tips and advice were very welcome. She spoke about the need to think carefully about any clothes that we may throw away that will go into landfill and to consider swapping or selling them. There are environmental issues in the Clothing industry in both disposal of the items and the waste water which comes from dyeing and treatment of cloth worldwide.

We need to be honest about what we wear often, occasionally or never. Empty our wardrobes and only put back the items initially which are often worn. Then make decisions about what to keep from the other clothing. Not easy to do with some items which may have a sentimental attachment or are of a certain favourite colour. However, there is a lot of satisfaction when you have made decisions and your wardrobe is emptier and organised. Sheila also spoke about thinking of colour and how it can add style to your clothes. The talk was both interesting and thought provoking.

Barbara Thorburn gave the vote of thanks.

Click here to read the details of our next meeting.