June 2019

14th June Monthly Report.

President, Kate Dilkes, welcomed 53 members to the June meeting on a day which showed some signs of summer weather. Sally Hood, Margaret Wilson and Annelies Brice were thanked for being coffee hostesses and Sheila Daisey was thanked for the flowers.

The Dabble Day held on May 17th had been very much enjoyed by those who took part and examples of what had been achieved were on display.

On Friday August 9th we will be holding our Annual Pot Luck Lunch. Tickets will be on sale again at the July meeting. Click here to read the details.

Looking ahead to October three of our long serving committee members will be retiring at the October Annual Meeting and we will also be looking for a new President. Please give this some thought and if you have any questions, just ask a committee member. We promise not to bite or pressgang you!

Patricia Robinson who was our delegate at the National Annual Meeting gave an interesting report. Both resolutions which we had voted for were passed. One unanimously and the other by 96%.the afternoon speaker was Maggie Philbin who gave a very interesting talk about her work with young people.

After coffee, biscuits and chat we settled down to welcome back Melanie Gibson-Barton whose talk was entitled “Murder, Madness and Mayhem – the Belgian Royal family”. Melanie gave a brief history of Belgium leading up to Independence and the formation of the monarchy in 1830. As usual Melanie had many amusing anecdotes and asides to go alongside all the interesting facts. The Belgian Royal family have certainly led life to the full ! Marjorie Mitchell gave the vote of thanks.

Julie Treadwell won the Bloom from my Garden competition with her lovely roses at the right of this photo.