July 2022

On a beautiful sunny Summer morning President Julie Andrews welcomed 29 members and 1 guest . Patricia Robison was thanked for her lovely vase of flowers for the President’s table. Pauline Barlow our hostess was also thanked for her help. Minutes were read and approved and news was given out. Elizabeth Lansman, our Delegate at the NFWI Annual Meeting held in Liverpool in June, gave us an insight into the joys of attending an annual meeting. Prior to the meeting her written report had been circulated to members via email with some printed copies available today.

Final bookings were taken for the 28 July Summer outing to Godinton House and Gardens and for the Fish and Chips on Hythe beach on 12 August .

After a short coffee break, with time to buy raffle tickets and items from the sales table, members settled down at one of 4 tables and our taster session began.

Barbara Buckie helped 8 members start to learn to crochet a granny square.

Romany Cowans demonstrated to members how to make a trinket dish (and a the mouse) using air drying modelling clay, a MYWI project,

Valerie Humphries gave her group of new flower arrangers an excellent demonstration of how to create a table decoration. Then they all had a go to make their own, with some help from the expert.

Kate Dilks led another group through the rules of Rummikub as they played the game.

Generally a good time was had by all as we ‘learnt’ a new skill.

For details of the next meeting on 9 September please click here