January 2020

10th January Monthly Report.

President Margaret Alcock welcomed 56 members and 2 guests to the January meeting held in The Lads’ Club. Patricia Robinson was thanked for the beautiful roses as were the hostesses, Jeanne Doorne, Kate Dilks and Dee Mackay-Pocock. Members were reminded that the annual subscription must be paid by the February meeting.

Margaret reminded members that the Winter Warmer Soup Lunch will be held after the meeting on February 14th . Click here to read the details.

Lunch Club. It was announced that the next lunch club will be on March 18th at Twenty-Four in Douglas Avenue. Please click here to read the details. Due to other commitments this will be the last Lunch Club that Hortense will arrange but she has agreed to organise the “special” lunch in December. Our thanks to Hortense for doing this over the past 3 years. Any volunteer/s to take over this task?

Two days before this meeting it became apparent that we might be without the arranged speaker. The afternoon before the meeting I went into overdrive with Plan B. By Thursday evening it was taking shape and by 11am at the meeting it was finalised.

Mary Hunter started the proceedings with a talk about her work with Natural England dealing with badgers. She had photographs to pass around and a badger’s skull. Mary told us about the badgers at the castle and answered members questions.

Barbara Thorburn’s talk was entitled “I was a GI bridesmaid” and she described her role at her aunt’s wartime wedding, and she had a photograph to prove it!

Hortense Oates told us of her work as nursery nurse and family officer in London, Dorset and Bristol.

One of the proposed resolutions for this year’s WI Annual Meeting in June is a call to increase stem cell donor registration and Mary Wheatley told us about her son’s involvement in the Anthony Nolan register. Mary’s son joined the register when he was 17 and when he was 28, he was found to be a match and donated some of his stem cells.

The final speaker was Margaret Alcock (how could I not when I had persuaded others to help me out of a hole). I spoke of my daughter’s research into our family history. I thought I knew that my family were EastEnders, but my daughter has discovered that I have close family connections with Folkestone and Hythe. The only reason we moved here was because of my late husband’s job!

Was I worried before the meeting? Yes, but deep down I knew the ladies of Castle Green would rise to the occasion and they did! My thanks to those who took part and to the members for their understanding of the situation.

Romany Cowans gave an impromptu vote of thanks which was endorsed by loud applause from the members.

Aileen and Mary with items for sale they had produced for the Sale’s Table.

A message from Lynne Stubbings, NFWI Chair:

The NFWI is deeply saddened by the situation that has arisen in Australia as a result of the bushfires, and many members have contacted us to see what we can do to help, including supporting any of the relief funds that have been set up. Unfortunately our charitable status means that WIs and federations cannot send monetary donations to any of these relief funds, but of course members can make donations as individuals to whichever funds they wish. We have already sent a message of support to the Country Women’s Association of Australia (our sister organisation) and we are in touch with them to see if there is anything else we can do to support their members and their communities at this worrying time. We will let you know of any suggestions they make.

Barbara Thornburn says that the Australian Wildlife Rescue are desperately in need of craft items for the thousands of injured animals caught up in the bush fires. Please speak to her at a monthly meeting as she has access to knitting patterns for such items.