Feedback on Speakers

September’s talk by Carl Holt about the Aspinall Foundation.

“I was so glad to hear the talk about endangered animals and all the hope of not letting this happen by the Aspinal Foundation. However, I did go away worried about the continuing loss of rainforest habitat worldwide and also at a loss of how we could raise awareness”

“I must say I really enjoyed my first meeting and was made to feel very welcome by the group and having such a great guest speaker made it all the more enjoyable”.

“there were a lot of figures but that was the nature of the talk which I did think was very good”..


March’s talk by Dick Bolton on William Morris and his associate’s.

” I’ve heard lots of good comments about this talk. He is an excellent speaker.”

“Please do give my positive feedback , he was a very enjoyable speaker… He did well covering so much material in such a short time and he kept it interesting.”

a fascinating and interesting talk

“Mr. Bolton certainly knew his subject and with his many amusing asides and comments kept us all enthralled.”

“Mr. Bolton was an excellent speaker”