February 2024

President Julie Andrews welcomed 44 members to the Annual Meeting. The record of the January meeting was approved and signed. Julie informed members that the programme for 2024-2025 was on this website as are details of our future events; a visit to Biddy’s bluebell woods, a ploughman’s lunch, a Summer Outing and and an Autumn Soup Lunch. Our Treasurer, Margaret Wilson gave a financial update and reminded members that subs were now due. She will present the budget for the coming year at the March meeting.

Details of the sub groups next meetings were given and can be seen on the relevant pages of this website.

Next on the agenda was the Annual Meeting. All the paperwork for the Annual Meeting had been sent out by email. Margaret Wilson gave to Financial Report which had been prepared by Daphne Gazeley which was proposed, seconded and accepted by the members. Biddy then read out the Secretary’s Annual Report which had been prepared by her and Mary. The adoption of this report was seconded and approved. A vote of thanks by Kay Hygate was given to the committee which was heartily endorsed by the members.

In her President’s address Julie thanked all those who had helped running Castle Green over the past year. The committee members for their work and support with a special mention of the 3 members who were “retiring” and a welcome to the 3 new members to the committee. Click here for details of the 2024/25 Committee.

After coffee and chat some members settled down to sew up the colourful array of knitted squares into lap blankets. These had been knitted by members during the winter, led by the Knit and Natter group and will be donated to local nursing and care homes. The rest of the members in teams took part in a quiz session lead by Margaret Alcock.

The picture quiz round was of past (some very past!) British Prime Ministers. The second quiz was about television quiz and game shows past and present; again, some were very much in the past. The second proved to be quite difficult and there were groans when the answers were read out!

Dawn and Susan were the winners and were awarded a magnificent prize – some kit kat bars.