February 2018

9th February Monthly Report.

Vice- President Jeanne Doorne welcomed 50 members and 2 visitors to the February meeting held in The Lads’ Club. Apologies were noted, the coffee hostesses were thanked, and Kay Hygate was thanked for her flower arrangement which was in the colours of the Suffragette movement. We were pleased to learn that our very pleasant Winter Warmer Soup Lunch held on January 26th had raised £120.00 and we were also pleased to learn that Hortense Oates has restarted the Lunch Club and has booked the Hythe Brasserie for Thursday 19th April.  (To see details Click here )

Margaret Alcock presented the budget on behalf of Treasurer Lynda Daly (who was unable to attend the meeting) which was accepted by the members.

Following our coffee, cake and chat break we welcomed our speaker Brenda Cameron whose talk was entitled Fashionistas. Unfortunately, due to technical problems Brenda had to abandon this talk and instead told us about her recovery from ME using self-help techniques. When she said that correct posture was important there was the sound of shuffling as we all sat up straight! Positive thinking was also important. Brenda asked us to stand up and then to do the classic Wonder Woman pose. 2 minutes of standing in this pose can raise the testosterone levels (Watch out Saltwood!)

Elisa Croucher gave the vote of thanks.

Barbara Buckie won the Valentine’s Day competition with her heart shaped cushion which was decorated with hearts.