December 2019

13th December Monthly Report.

Fifty-one members and one guest were welcomed to the December meeting by President Margaret Alcock. Diane Hughes was thanked for her beautiful Christmas arrangement for the President’s table (see gallery below) and hostesses Diane Stenning, Anne Woodward and Margaret Ritchie were also thanked.

Members were reminded that the subscription of £43.00 is due in January and that cheques should be made payable to Castle Green WI.

Looking ahead there will be a Winter Warmer Soup Lunch after the meeting on February 14th 2020 when Love Apple soup will be served with the usual accompaniments. Please look on the Our Events page or click here for further details.

As members were seated at tables, at the request of Kate Dilks who organised the entertainment, the coffee/mulled wine and mince pies were served by committee members and the hostesses.

Kate then took over for the entertainment and introduced her three wise men, Kay Hygate, Margaret Ritchie and Julie Treadway who processed to the top table wearing sumptuous costumes. What followed was an hilarious game of Call My Bluff. Some of the words sounded a bit saucy as were some of the explanations! The President who had thought she could sit back and do nothing was the scorer as well as sashaying up and down the aisle with the word cards. The winners by one point were table seven.

Margaret Alcock thanked Kate and her helpers for making this a fun filled morning.

For details of our first meeting of 2020 please click here.

On Monday December 9th some members from our WI sang at the WI Christmas Carol concert at Canterbury Cathedral.