April 2024

President Julie Andrews welcomed 44 members, including 2 new members to the April meeting. It wasn’t raining and almost felt warm! The record of the last meeting was approved and signed. Kate Dilks was thanked for the flower arrangement and the coffee hostesses were also thanked.

Gill Chapman had passed on the 9 lap blankets made by members to 3 Care Homes in Hythe and they were much appreciated. From our last meeting, we had collected and donated £238 to the Pilgrim’s Hospice. We had received a lovely email and certificate thanking us for our support.

Tricia Heath, our delegate, gave a report on the EKFWI Annual Council meeting.

After the coffee break, we welcomed back Melanie Gibson-Barton whose fully illustrated talk was entitled ‘The Suffragettes and the Suffragists’. The term “Suffragette” will always be associated with the women’s fight to win the vote but Melanie’s talk provided a much wider insight into the struggle which took over a century and explained the differences between the Suffragists who were the pioneers of the Votes for Women campaign and led by Millicent Fawcett and the Suffragettes who were led by Emmeline Pankhurst. The Suffragettes believed in taking more direct action.

At the end of her talk Melanie told us that Prime Minister Herbert Asquith had been “challenged” by three high profile Suffragettes when leaving a service at Lympne church and again later that day, while playing golf with William Gladstone at Littlestone. As usual Melanie’s talk was entertaining and thought provoking.

Mandy Elson gave the vote of thanks.