April 2019

10th April 2019

Kate Dilks, president, welcomed 55 members to the April meeting. The coffee hostesses, Barbara Buckie, Julie Treadwell and June Bessell were thanked as was Valerie Humphries for her flowers.

Members were saddened to learn of the death of Bridget Wight. Bridget was first a member of Saltwood WI later joining Castle Green. She was an active member of Castle Green leading, conducting and performing in our in-house entertainments. Many members remember her Joyce Grenfell monologues. She also conducted the East Kent Federation Choir for many years. She will be missed.

Dates for diaries. The next Lunch Club meeting will be at The Taste of Kathmandu restaurant in Hythe on June 25th. The Federation Centenary Garde Party will be held at St Edmunds School on July 22nd.

After coffee there was a surprise in store when our speaker Mike Davis was introduced. As he said he was a last-minute stand in but what a stand in. Mike is a magician and a member of the Magic Circle and the first part of his talk was an illustrated history of the Magic Circle. There are only 1500 members worldwide (only 76 are women) and the admission process is difficult. A prospective member must be proposed and seconded by existing members and then is examined by a panel of experts. This examination must last between 8-12 minutes. Under or over that time and you fail, and you only get 2 chances. The next step up is Associate Member of the Inner Magic Circle and then a Member of the Inner Magic Circle. There are 300 Members of the Inner Magic Circle and they never retire so it can be a long wait to get that far.

Then came the magic! Mike’s first trick was to swallow an inflated balloon followed by the cut and restore rope trick which he performed with the help of members. Several more tricks followed and no, we couldn’t see how Mike did them. There was a lot of laughter in the Lads’ Club and lots of applause at the end of Mike’s “talk”.

Margaret Alcock gave the vote of thanks.

Edna Marsh and Dee Mackay-Pocock were winners of the Easter Chick competition.

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